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Leaders of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, work through an exercise on designing decision-forcing cases

Better Decisions, Better Leaders  



Our consulting approach combines our unique experiences as educators, researchers, and problem-solvers. We help our clients think strategically; better understand their organizations and people; and apply critical and creative thinking to a wide range of problems, challenges, and opportunities.


Our workshops and engagements are custom-tailored to the needs of our clients. We spend considerable time getting to understand your problems and opportunities, collect data as needed, and work with you to develop an offering that suits your needs. Our offerings consist of highly engaging and immersive exercises and make heavy use of decision games and other learner-centered facilitation techniques. We ask you—the participants—to drive the experiences. We design our offerings to encourage far transfer of learning, so you can apply what you've learned quickly and effectively on the job.

We offer workshops and engagements from one day to two weeks (ten business days).


We have extensive research experience in numerous fields and can leverage a large network of world-renowned researchers, academics, theorists, and practitioners in support of projects in national defense, learning, teaching, critical thinking, and curriculum design and development.



DAO Consulting offers consistently high-quality consulting, educational, and research services and products. We combine deep experience and sharpened skills with a “client-first” attitude. We base our practices on credible research. Through custom-tailored offerings, we help organizations and individuals make better decisions, communicate more accurately, and act more effectively. We aim to help you not just survive in our chaotic, rapidly-changing world, but to thrive in it.




Damien is a true professional and master facilitator. Though never a Marine, he knows as much—if not more—about the Marine Corps’ history, organization, and teaching practices as any active-duty or retired Marine and uses this knowledge to tailor his delivery to students. Over the four years of the Innovate Instruction Workshop (IIW) program, Damien helped hundreds of Marine Corps educators move beyond the standard lecture and PowerPoint delivery methods. He demonstrated to them how an instructor can become a facilitator and dramatically improve student learning inside and outside the classroom. Students thoroughly enjoyed Damien's style and delivery, and I highly recommend him to any teaching institution—civilian or military.

Kevin DeWitt

Program Manager, II Corps Consultants, and retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel

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